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This was this AM in all that wind, wouldn't answer my mouthcalls from the roost but liked the "MORNING SUN"!   I brought it to  MBS but found out you had more important plans maybe next year.   PS that striker is SWEET TOO!
19#,  3 beards, 1-1/8" spurs
 Great call Dave MANY THANKS AGAIN   VICTOR!  

Dave is a terrific person and a very talented craftsman !!! His calls speak pure "turkey" and are beautiful as well. Dave and I have shared a lot of thoughts and ideas over the years and I'm proud to have him as a friend !!

Steve Schafer

Just shared a camp with Dave and a box of his spalted maple slate over crystal calls. While the turkeys hunkered down from a mid season cold front and high winds we got a chance to play around with a few. I found they liked a harder striker like ebony to get a true two toned Yelp and sharp cuts and clucks. Choking up on the striker have a classic and very pure slate cluck and purr. No doubt in my mind when the weather gets right I'll stack up some gobbles behind this call. What a treat to carry a personalized custom pot from a new call making talent ! Best of luck Dave and good hunting to you.

John Coit

Excellent calls. Dave is an artist and work with calls the way the best have worked in clays and oils.

Joel Merle-Smith

What an awesome guy. Had the privilege to meet this great man today. Took my daughter and hunting buddy to the shop today. He let us play with so many calls, until we found the right one for the ears. I can’t even begin to try and say enough about his patience and honesty. What a great man, and what beautiful calls he makes. A lot of heart and soul out into these calls. A true angel amongst us!!! Look out turkeys!!! I’m coming for you or are you coming to me? Lol Get in contact with him all!!! Tim, AKA Bowteck 37

Working with Dave is a great experience. Great and very talented man! I highly recommend him. - Bob Lynch

Without a doubt, my favorite striker of all time is an exquisite Morning Sun,  blackwood beauty striker - The carved call is a Brazilian Rosewood. It's my go-to on any of my calls. That said, I have a lovely Morning Sun call, with a carved outer ring, that makes me smile every time I hold it in my hand. Together, they're deadly! Great stuff!! Grosvenor Merle-Smith

I know for a fact they are good,! Ordered one from ya a couple years ago and brought that dude right to me in Frederick Co! Keep turnin!! Gregory Mundey

I have been hunting turkeys and collecting turkey calls for 39 years.  I have two world slams and a variety of calls.   Morning Sun Turkey Pot Calls are some of the finest call I have ever used.  I am using one for my turkey hunts this year.  The workmanship is unsurpassed.  Dave Hawksford’s calls will work equally as well for the hunter in the field or for the collector who wants to add a fine call of old world quality to his display case. Bill Newbraugh

Don't worry so much about the price...........You will own a Beautiful... HANDCRAFTED traditional turkey call. Dave was kind enough to present me with one at my daughter's wedding when he and Jarrod (and his beloved) came down for her DAY. Late for SC season; so it made the trip to Md. the next day.Purrrrrrrrrrrrrred perfect, yelped outstandingly, cackled, cut, and did all I could asked effectively. Being from SC; I couldn't get the dialect just right and stomping new ground was my excuse for not closing the deal. By all means one of the best calls in my arsenal of too many calls. Will thin several out of the overstuffed vest !!!!!!!!!!It's not like money is no object....but in this day and time...well need I say more!!!!! Handmade, beautiful wood and effective.............WHO COULD ASK FOR ANYTHING MORE
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! David Bryant

Harvested a bird opening day and tagged out on last day. Picked up a homemade slate from Dave
Hawk and it did the trick! Had 2 fly down and strut when hitting the floor while minutes later a hen flew down right between them and it looked like a pin-ball machine. After 30 mins the dominate bird pushed her in the woods leaving this big bird looking for love. Several purrs and here he came! 11" 22.5lb 1" spurs Thanks again Dave!! Was frustrated during the season for a stretch but when it all comes together NOTHING beats it! Blessed, Gregory Stephen Mundey

All I can say boys is spend the money and get one of these calls. They are sweet and easy to make
the perfect pitch. Its crazy how loud my slate over glass can actually get.

This is hands down the nicest call Ive ever owned.Stella, my wife, has always had trouble with slate calls but not with this one. Took her 3 seconds and she had it. She's ready…Thanks Brother!!
Ryan Beard KY

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